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Bleach Free Whitening Kit

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Whitening Professionals are proud to announce the launch of our first peroxide-free Home Teeth Whitening Kit. The Whitening Professionals Peroxide-Free Home Teeth Whitening Kit is a breakthrough treatment , using a peroxide-free gel and a pre treatment formula to remove those stains which can build up naturally from consuming tea, coffee, wine and also from the effects of smoking and ageing. 

The Peroxide-Free Kit is approved under UK and European regulations and has been developed by our experts in our Hollywood dental lab.

Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Kits are becoming increasingly more popular, as it is now widely accepted that peroxide systems do not actually remove the stains which cause teeth to appear discoloured, but actually just slowly and (sometimes) painfully bleach them white. With the Whitening Professionals Peroxide-Free Home Teeth Whitening Kit you can whiten your teeth, comfortably in your own home, without the usual discomfort and sensitivity which standard peroxide- based treatments can cause.  The Home Whitening Kit means you can whiten your teeth without the high treatment costs which your dentist charges, meaning a safe and affordable system for you to use at home.

Teeth naturally discolour due to normal environmental influences. The general consumption of tea, coffee and wine as well as the effects of smoking and ageing gradually tarnish the natural brightness of our teeth. The Peroxide-Free Gel used in the Whitening Professionals Kit penetrates deep into the pores in your tooth enamel and gently, but permanently lifts and removes the stains, meaning longer lasting results than standard peroxide-based treatments.

The Whitening Professionals Peroxide-Free Kit is extremely easy to use. When used daily, dramatic results can be noticed within one week with effects lasting up to two years! Each Whitening Professionals Peroxide-Free Home Teeth Whitening Kit contains:

  • 1 x Peroxide-Free Whitening Gel  Syringe
  • 1 x Bottle of pre whitening gel
  • 1 x Swab for pre treatment gel
  • 2 x Premium Mouth Trays
  • Clear and detailed instructions